Wagner Community Park

Wagner Community Park is located on Paradise Road in Wheatfield Township and originally consisted of 64 acres of land donated to the township on August 13, 1991, by Mildred B. Wagner, in memory of her husband.  The park land was donated to the township with the understanding that it would be developed as a community recreation area for the purposes of outdoor recreation, land conservation/preservation of aesthetic value, protection of natural habitats (fish, wildlife, plants and similar ecosystems) and conducting of educational programs facilitating those purposes.

On November 2, 1992 a township ordinance was passed that created the Wheatfield Township Park and Recreation Board.  The board consists of seven volunteer members appointed by the township supervisors.  It is the responsibility of the recreation board members to equip, supervise and maintain parks and recreation areas within Wheatfield Township.

In December 2007 Wheatfield Township purchased from Hoverter Trust, 69 acres, which lies north of and adjoins the original park land.  This land was added to Wagner Community Park for a total of 133 acres.  Grant monies were obtained from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, to aid in purchasing this land.

In June 2009 Wheatfield Township settled on an additional Hoverter property.  This parcel consisting of 149 acres brings the total park acreage to 282 acres.  Grant monies were obtained from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

The park currently has two ball fields, a playground, pavilion (with handicap parking area), large building which contains a snack bar area and equipment storage area, restrooms and parking area, as well as areas for hiking.  Over the years, numerous grants have been obtained to help fund the creation of the park facilities.


Wagner Community Park is being used by community groups, families and individuals.  The Duncannon Girls Softball Association, Susquenita Midget Football Association, Churchmen's Softball, Perry County Woman's Softball are a few of the organizations using the park.


The Pennsylvania Fish commission and the Duncannon Sportsman's Association (DSA) stock the stream in the park for public fishing.  The DSA is now holding their annual Kid's Trout Derby at the park the first Saturday in June. 


Numerous churches have reserved the pavilion for picnics and some individuals have used it for family reunions or birthday parties.  Wheatfield Township also used the parking lot for the annual township spring cleanup.

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